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Our Border

As a sovereign nation, we have a right to say who comes into our country and who doesn't. We must control our borders. Criminal elements and drug traffickers are ruining opportunity for those immigrants who would like to grab ahold of the American dream and become productive, contributing members of society.

I support the findings of the Western States Sheriff's Association in their resolution affirmed earlier in 2021. Our border is in crisis and is a threat to national security, public safety, and human rights. The numbers are staggering with over 7,000 from over 3,000 people a day either caught or surrendering there.

Our Border Patrol agents are professionals who do their job with integrity, dedication, and courage. We must ensure that they have the resources they need to protect our sovereignty. Additionally, our current laws are outdated and are being exploited by those with nefarious intentions. We must act now.

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