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I have had the pleasure of speaking to Republican and Independent voters throughout Southern Arizona. Throughout D6, the number one issue I hear about us concern about our economy. Inflation is higher than it has been in over four decades. Our supply chain is dysfunctional. We are too reliant on foreign countries for critical component parts necessary to make goods flow smoothly to consumers. The inflation we are experiencing is not transitory. It is here, now and folks feel it when they go to the gas station, grocery store or car dealership. This is not the time for more trillion dollar programs infused into an already over baked economy.

I support all business...particularly small business, which provides that critical economic undergirding jobs, goods and services in our Southern Arizona region. Many businesses have been shuttered because of the Covid-19 shutdowns, and have faced an economic crisis during this time.

Access to capital continues to be a challenge as businesses try to mitigate slim operating margins. I am committed to reviewing, understanding and implementing policy changes and how they impact our business sector.

We need a change in Washington. I'll make sure politicians who are far removed from the people they serve hear the voices of the people in Southern Arizona.

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