Live Free. Vote Free.
  • "There is no better candidate, and no better qualified candidate than Lucretia Free. Lucretia has true conservative values, possessing the mind and common sense of a business woman, along with the gift of a true heart for public service. Remember Live Free! Vote Free!"
    Pima County District 4 Supervisor Steve Christy

  • "I met Lucretia Free 5 years ago. After a friendly conversation she invited me to write an article for the paper she started in the Tanque Verde Valley. I took the opportunity to opine on topics such as Federalism, Socialism etc. 

    I wanted to use the freedom of press to fully participate as a citizen and see what came of it. An interesting thing happened. I got feedback. That experience helped me refine my opinions on several topics and I have benefited greatly from it. I never really thanked her for that opportunity. I never knew if she agreed with any of my opinions or not. She tolerated and printed them. It's from that experience that I believe she would make a great representative. 

    We don't need to agree on everything, but we do need the freedom to discover if we ourselves are in error. She gave that to me through our shared freedom of the press. If there is a way to support her, I'd like to repay a little of my debt of gratitude."
    John Payson Lee Pima County Resident

  • "She's not afraid to do hard things, and her impact on this community has been so amazing as it has grown by leaps and bounds. She is so committed to this area and to being a voice."
    Jean VanderZee  Pima County Resident

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